How to fold multi-part submodel correctly

How to fold multi-part submodel correctly
Hello all,

I have a submodel with several degrees of freedom, e.g. something like this:


It can be rotated around the end pins and around the central beam and folded at the two joints. My problem now is to find the correct configuration to fit the final pin into a given hole. For me as a total beginner in digital modelling it is quite intriguing that this task would be trivial in reality, but is a considerable challenge digitally.

However, I cannot be the first one facing such a problem. So I wonder how you guys address it. Trial and error? Some powerful tool? Currently, I am writing a lot of my ldraw files by hand, but for trial and visualization I use LeoCAD. Having said that, I am certainly interested as well if some other editor is helpful here. (If it runs under Linux, this would be a great plus, but not essential.)

Thanks for your help,
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