Multicolored minifig legs

RE: Multicolored minifig legs
(2019-03-14, 16:57)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Yes, they're done.

But maybe not the colour you want. Which one is that? Looks like Donald Duck and bright light orange.
I'll start working.

Do you want any other colour?

I've now made seven colours.

I need these: = your p03 = your p04 = your p04

So it looks like I have then. Thanks a lot.
It seems like if there would be any other combination of colors the part can easily be made now.
So lower part of legs (feet) are hardcoded color and upper part of legs are in color 16 so you can color those like the last two with yellow feet.

Now I am in need for this one too:

And some torso's and heads. But I'll post that in another thread.
Jaco van der Molen
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