Inconsistancy in panels description

Inconsistancy in panels description
Hi all,

There seems to be an inconsistency in the description of various panels.
I have a model that has a few of this kind of panels:

60581 Panel 1x4x3 with side flanges
87544 Panel 1x2x3 with side supports with hollow studs
87552 Panel 1x2x2 reinforced with hollow studs

Is it me, or do we mean the same with "side flanges", "side supports" and "reinforced"?

IMHO we should choose either one of these 3, preferably "reinforced" I think.

Also the "with hollow studs" is missing from 60581 Panel 1x4x3.

Do we agree to rename the description or is there really a reason to have 3 descriptions for the same thing?

Jaco van der Molen
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