New website theme status

New website theme status
The old thread is getting cluttered so I'll recap what's going on here:

What has been done:
- I think layout is principally complete. I've converted some of the articles (read non-homepage) to use the new theme.
- The article and menu hierarchy has been overhauled
- I slightly modified the parts update table tag

What needs to be done:
- I need a new "Parts Update" image. This image will be the default image displayed for a parts update unless or until an update specific image is made. This is the major thing holding up switching over to the new homepage design.
- There is a bug in the menu shown for computers. Third level articles are not displaying in the menu. The tablet/mobile menu is unaffected.
- Custom styling. Right now I'm using the default styling for the web framework in use. While I think the default styling is fine, I'd like to change that to be able to use a custom styling for components if we so choose. I have to figure out a way to do this while also maintaining the ability to edit the design from within the CMS.

As always, I want as many users as possible to be satisfied with the results. I'm open to suggestions, mild complaints that offer solutions, and requests.

P.S. We are not keeping the old design. It was a spaghetti mess of different blocks of code that has been following us since we switched to CMSMS almost 10 years ago. A house cleaning was sorely needed.
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