School project with LDraw tools

School project with LDraw tools
Hi all,

From next week on I am going to guide 2 students at the school I work on a project for their course "Research & Development".
They are going to make a design for their project in LDraw! What this will remain to be seen, but it looks like it is going to be a "House of the future".
Normally the students make their design with scrapheap stuff, like paper, cardboard, paint, wood, metal, toilet rolls, bottle caps, etc. But now they will make a LEGO model of it.

We will use LDCad to digitally create the design and I will be teaching them how to do that.
Ultimately we will create nice renders and other graphics for the paper they must write for it.  And we will probably build the model for real with bricks too!
With 2 of my colleague teachers, I will also part of judging the project and help with the presentation.

I am pretty excited about this and think it is very nice to see a unique application for LDraw!

Best regards,

Jaco van der Molen
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