Job posting: Looking for Official Model Repository admin

RE: Job posting: Looking for Official Model Repository admin
(2018-12-03, 16:21)Johann Eisner Wrote:
(2018-12-02, 20:23)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Ok, and is there a way to extract a list from the forum with posted models too?
Do you have a Google account / Office 365? We could share a spreadsheet then and compare.

1st.: I think no, we had to do this step by step. Have no way found.
2nd.: Google yes, Office no

Ok, I think I have found a way to relatively easily find out what sets are posted.
I copy and paste the whole thread page to a plain text editor and found that every post with an attached model has the same structure:

For example:

Attached Files
.mpd   21005 - Falling Water.mpd (Size: 41.85 KB / Downloads: 5)

So, I can find every line that starts with .mpd and look for the set number there.

Here I think is what I found for the Architecture theme thread

21003 Seattle Space Needle Architecture
21004 Solomon R.  Guggenheim Museum Architecture
21005 Fallingwater Architecture
21006 The White House Architecture
21007 Rockefeller Center Architecture
21008 Burj Khalifa Architecture
21009 Farnsworth House Architecture
21010 Robie House Architecture
21011 Brandenburg Gate Architecture
21012 Sydney Opera House Architecture
21013 Big Ben Architecture
21014 Villa Savoye Architecture
21015 The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Architecture
21016 Sungnyemun Architecture
21017 Imperial Hotel Architecture
21018 United Nations Headquarters Architecture
21019 The Eiffel Tower Architecture
21020 Trevi Fountain Architecture
21021 Marina Bay Sands Architecture
21022 Lincoln Memorial Architecture
21023 Flatiron Building Architecture
21024 Louvre Architecture
21026 Venice Architecture
21027 Berlin Architecture
21028 New York City Architecture
21029 Buckingham Palace Architecture
21030 United States Capitol Building Architecture
21031 Burj Khalifa Architecture
21032 Sydney Architecture
21033 Chicago Architecture
21034 London Architecture
21035 Solomon R.  Guggenheim Museum Architecture

I will make and share a Google Spreadsheet to compare your Excel list with what I can find on the forum.
Jaco van der Molen
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