Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!

RE: Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!
(2018-11-09, 19:44)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2018-11-08, 5:38)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Actually, as I think about this more, I don't think it would be a good idea to make the texture's transparency an option. I think it would be better if the spec said that all textures should be applied fully opaque, and only allow partial transparency via the alpha channel in the texture. So if you have a sticker that is partially transparent, then the transparent pixels in the texture should be partially transparent.

Of course, you already said that LDCad would have trouble having the texture be opaque when the underlying geometry is transparent, so I'm not sure that clarifying the spec in this way is really fair to you.

I was wondering about real life situations where the sticker should be transparent (like its handled in LDCad now), and couldn't think of any to be honest.

Using alpha<1.0 to make distinctions would be easy in shaders, but not in the fixed pipeline so it has to wait on 2.0 Smile

Im thinking in 2 options.

1 let ldcad automatically render alpha channel of the png files. and let those parts transparent.
2 they can modify the 0 !TEXMAP START PLANAR and add an extra parameter that gives you the alpha channel level from 0 opaque to 100 transpatrent.
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