The adventures of building a web renderer

RE: The adventures of building a web renderer
This might seem a bit silly, but I think it is important to represent colors as accurately as possible. For this reason I have added support for colors with luminance, or, "glow in the dark" as it is better known.

In the physical renderer you can simply turn down the hemisphere light and remove the other light sources:

[Image: 20200617.png]
The effect is achieved by adding an outline pass similarly to the part highlights in the instruction steps. It has a glow-parameter which I have adjusted to give the elements just a slight glow similarly to what you see in real life. By using StandardMaterial from three.js with metalness=1.0 and enough roughness to hide the metallic effect. The env. map takes care of the part itself being visible when there is no light source.

The instructions and parts views simply use the outline pass as there is no lights to control there.
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