The adventures of building a web renderer

RE: The adventures of building a web renderer
I'm taking a detour from trying to get transparency to render correctly.

I want to be able to import LDraw files as they are exported from Studio 2.0. This is a challenge as texmaps are not done using the standard. Making sure that all standard parts work correctly took some days:

[Image: 543.png]

It is minifigs that are posing a challenge. You can place up to 10 pictures onto a minifig in their Part Designer:

[Image: q5ULlsr.png]

I have to decode onto which of the 721KB of LDraw data should be projected onto which parts of a combined texture. This is going to take a while:

The LDraw file for the minifig has an unknown subpart (probably for the neck), and a lot of type-3 lines onto which the texture has to be projected. I thus have to compute the TEXMAP commands to ensure proper placement of the textures according to the official specification. Right now there is a long way to go:

[Image: hAluDAx.png]
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