The adventures of building a web renderer

RE: The adventures of building a web renderer
(2019-01-04, 8:24)Steffen Wrote: very nice!
Can you do something about the missing portions in the above render?
To me it looks like this trouble is simply caused by wrong winding / BFC orientation of surfaces,
so that the OpenGL renderer discards them.
Do you correctly parse the "0 BFC CERTIFY CW" vs "0 BFC CERTIFY CCW" statements?

You are absolutely right in the source of the error being regarding BFC. The error you see in the screenshot is due to rotation matrices inverting the winding. The solution is to invert winding whenever the determinant of the rotation matrix is inverted. This is a problem other LDraw renderer authors have stumbled into before me, so it was easy to detect and fix.

Another good source of improvements is BrickSmith where there are some good tips and tricks from the author on the net. One of these tips is regarding drawing transparent polygons after drawing the solid ones.

I think the next area of interest should be for VBO's, since BrickSmith sees a big benefit using them. Hopefully my next post will be with findings of VBO's and Three.js.

Edit. I almost forgot. Moving the transparent triangles to be rendered last wasn't pain free either!

There was some art to be found in the intermediary codebase:

[Image: 236.png]
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