The adventures of building a web renderer

RE: The adventures of building a web renderer
There was a helpful post in this thread from someone who had tried the website. Unfortunately I can't see the post anymore, but here are the main areas of improvement as I remember them:
  • Size of PLI's can be too big.
  • Parts, such as cables on motors, do not render correctly
  • I'm sure there was a third point...
I think the post was by the one who was unlucky and uploaded while I was pushing a major update to the site... which broke the "take a snapshot" functionality for a day!

In any case. Thank you very much for testing the code! All your points seemed completely valid when I read them:
  • The size of PLI's was recently changed so they attempt to fill as much as possible while allowing the model to take up at least 55% of screen space. I must add some additional limits so that we don't see a single 1x1 plate being blown up to massive proportions.
  • It is not just cables. It is all kinds of assembled parts which are causing me major headaches. Minifig legs and torsos give similar issues. It has been on my TODO-list for a while because it is not easy to create automation for "merging" these assembled parts into single parts to be shown in PLI's. Right now you can simply have 'pants.dat' submodels in the LDraw file to force the PLI to show assembled pants, but I can't expect users to do this, and it will not work for all the files that people have already made. This needs more time in the thinking box.
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