The adventures of building a web renderer

RE: The adventures of building a web renderer
The results from my previous post (Merging points efficiently) were only for rendering triangles. I started out by just focusing on getting triangles right because it wasn't a cake walk. Here is the result of my first attempt at merging points:

[Image: exeWsqW.png]

The issues were fixed and it was time to move on to

Also make the lines indexed

Adding non-indexed lines meant slightly different baselines. Here are the results from rendering with non-indexed lines and non-indexed triangles:

Psych: Memory usage: 36.0MB. Rendering time: 1.961ms.

Executor: Memory usage: 1.015MB. Rendering time: 32.913ms.

By using indexes the results were:

Psych: Memory usage: 22.0MB. Rendering time: 2.381ms.

Executor: Memory usage: 457MB. Rendering time: 27.040ms.[/color]

I believe the massive reduction in space usage for the big model offsets the poor results for the small one. Note how we still get an improvement in rendering (and setup) time for the large model. This is for the same reason as pointed out previously.

That was enough of not addressing the elephant in the room. In the next post I will start discussing conditional/optional lines.
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