The adventures of building a web renderer

RE: The adventures of building a web renderer
(2018-11-07, 17:20)Milan Vančura Wrote: Hello Lasse,

I must say I'm impressed - can I test your code in my own page? I looked at github but I see no working example nor any instructions. And your pages contain a lot of in-page code in addition to your library.

According to the renderer itself: it produces very nice results. The only problem I see is that edges are drawn by 1 pixel wide lines, disappearing completely somewhere. On the other hand, there are big positives, like transparent parts rendering which is very, very good in this renderer category - I mean the renderer with (near-to-)immediate response. And, BTW, I see thicker edge lines in your "screenshots" you post here in this thread, so it might be you know to force your renderer...

Hi Milan. Thanks a lot. You should be able to test it by running sample_view.htm in a browser. The browser probably needs security disabled so it can async load files from the local drive. I have added a guide in

As for the edge lines, I see different browsers render them differently. All lines should have "1" pixel as width, but when lines intersect triangles, they might appear thinner.

This is how it normally looks like when lines and triangles and lines intersect:

[Image: OJK3sks.png]
Notice how the lines at the bottom of the studs o the roof are very thin due to this.

This was remedied by making custom shaders. In particular, the vertex shader for lines move points a tiny bit toward the camera - it works on most devices I have tested it on, and is the reason why the lines look so clear in the first screenshot.

Let me just link to that one again, so it is easier to compare:

[Image: 14.png]
The screenshot is made by clicking "VIEW 3D" on this page.

Simple render example added and updated with guide of how to get started. The new sample is less than 100 lines, so I hope it is easy to get started with it.
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