Unusually used parts on partstracker?

RE: Unusually used parts on partstracker?
(2018-08-17, 16:35)Willy Tschager Wrote: Hi Ulrich,

welcome to the forums. I do not fully understand what your question is. What do you mean with "special".

The tyres look fine. Are those modeled according to official parts?


Hi Willy,

and thank you!

Why special? .....the material is Gum...and for that...the original shape of this part is not given anymore in this case.

Is this generally allowed in partsauthoring?

I´m not quite shure about : "according to official parts". The original "Standard Outfit" of 6578.dat, which is well done by Phillip in this way, can´t be used

for stretching and pressing it into this unusual shape.

So I tried to make it in a different way - created in Cinema4D and refined with several ldraw-tools - and  uploaded them in Brickshelf:


please , have a look at the files...

...and what could be the best nomenclature?

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