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(2018-06-01, 0:37)Michael Horvath Wrote: Can anyone suggest how to compile a list of LDraw's minifig heads, but only in the colors they were manufactured in? Thanks.

In my opinion a proper list of Minifig Heads (Torsi, Legs/Hips Assemblies) should include pretty much all the 'main' numbring schemes around. To me that is the Lego/Brickset Reference, the Bricklink number and last but not least the LDraw number.

The sheer number of printed parts makes it difficult to cross reference and distinguish them easily. 

As I wrote in this thread, I started to photograph all my heads (and want to take pics of the torsi/legs as well) to increas the number of available heads in the library and make more recent patterns available. So far I have done around 60 of those. 

What I would like to have in such a Database is also the colors used in the prints.

I did inlcude the CMDLINE for the color the head usually appears. That is pretty much a 1:1 relation, i.e. there are not many patterns that appear on different coloured 3626 variants (apart from the  standard grin) Also the variety between open and closed studs is something we need to take care in the library concerning the numbering scheme.
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