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Wow, that is pretty helpful. I do actually think I can edit those files. Hey man there's a billion lego parts, its gotta be hard organizing all of that. I really appreciate your work.

While I have you here I have a quick question:

Is there a way to temporarily disable the way parts click through space as they are moved so they have free range of movement?

and if so, if I turn it back on will they be lined up properly when I move them again.

I.E. when you move a part up it moves about half a brick up, so if I could disable that I could move it up free range, so lets say 1/5th a brick up so I can position it right, then say I needed to move it again but wanted it lined up with the other bricks so I move it up and it snaps back as if it had only ever moved 1/2 a brick up.

I hope that makes sense, its hard to explain without knowing the proper terminology. Anyways, thanks for all your help.
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