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RE: LPub - rotate submodel in PLI
(2019-02-26, 13:22)Terry Mulhern Wrote:
Quote:In order to more clearly indicate that a (previously built) submodel is attached in a certain step, I want to include it in the PLI.
The orientation of the submodel in the PLI makes is different from the orientation in the step-by-step write my essay instructions for building it.
How can I get the submodel to show up in the PLI with the same rotation as the in the building instructions of that submodel?

Can I use the substitude (SUB) command to replace parts and then rotate the submodel? Where can I find the PLI Control file?

Hi Terry,

You could definitely try that yes.

The PLI control file is called pli.mpd and depending on your version and installation type of LPub it should be in a subfolder "extras" or something.
Take a look at your preferences in LPub and it should point you there somewhere. You can also try to find the pli.mpd file on your harddrive.

More on the PLI file here (old LPub, but not so different from LPub3D)

You can also download a pli file there.
Jaco van der Molen
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