Bricksmith and Allen Smith

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(2018-11-29, 3:52)Ben Supnik Wrote: First, Warren: the good news is the latest tip of Bricksmith -will- run on Mojave.  I have been periodically fixing various breakages due to OS updates, so my guess is you're seeing something I have already fixed when maintaining Bricksmith for my own use.

The bad news is that compiling Bricksmith on Mojave/X-code 10 produces 3-d views where the parts are hidden.  The renderer is working - you can see the model in the debugger, but the scrolling views clip out the results.  I've been working around this by compiling builds on an older version of OS X until I have the patience to figure out what's gone wrong.

I pulled, built, and ran, and the debug build got an assertion failure on line 232 of LDrawGLRender.m:


A release build ran fine, but didn't show the model (not surprisingly, given the above assert).
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