AIOI 2018-01 Release candidate ready for testing

RE: MLCad 3.5 ??
Re (a):
it is not mentioned on MLCad's official download page, but this link works...:

Re (d):
yes, that's good. better symmetry.

Re (e):
Yes, I already assumed that. But the installer already offers to run that program.
So it does not really matter where it sits I think.
Somebody who starts that program anyway needs to know what he's doing...
And the other programs also require to know where the LDRAW folder is, so even a newbie is used to that mechanism.
I can't understand why the mklist stuff should be such an exception.

If you have a new release candidate for testing, I'd be happy to help.
I have a dedicated VM for that which I can easily reset to clean state and re-install AIOI
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