AIOI 2018-01 Release candidate ready for testing

RE: MLCad 3.5 ??
(2018-02-16, 0:41)Steffen Wrote:
hmm, I just did a quick small test, here are my observations/questions:

I wondered where the MLCad 3.5 contained inside is coming from?
the official download page only shows version 3.4 for download ...:

the main readme.txt file delivered with the installer has UNIX line endings (LF only) and cannot be displayed properly by notepad.exe on Windows
- I think inside a Windows installer, that file should have Windows line endings (CR LF)

(c )
same problem for LDView/readme.txt

I wonder why the visual parts catalog
gets installed into the "programs" folder.
I would have expected it in the LDRAW folder (sitting next to LDConfig.ldr).
At its current location, directly in the root of the "programs" folder, it sits there as a kind of stranger,
because all the programs have their own subfolders, this one not.

why are LDMakeList.exe and LDMakeListGUI.exe installed inside the LDRAW parts folder and not into the programs folder?
I would understand that for the history mklist.exe which cannot handle a user-specified LDRAW parts installation path,
but these modern 2 programs?

Thanks for testing.

a) 3.5 is a side product of SnapCAD given to very close friends.
b) Fixed
c) Fixed
d) I'll reconsider this and my install it into it's own folder with a shortcut to the desktop
e) The AIOI targets a low entry step and I tried to avoid that they have to hassle with paths or something.

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