I just got the IR racer and fell in love with Lego again

I just got the IR racer and fell in love with Lego again
"Welcome back, Santeri Piippo. You last visited: 2017-05-12, 14:23 "

Why, thank you. Man, it's been a while since I've done much related to Lego. College sucked me into real life and it's been a pretty rough ride.

From my TFOL years I've always wanted myself one of those IR parts because hey, remote controllable stuff is cool. So now after 8 years I finally found myself in a supermarket with boxes of the IR racer on the lego shelf. And I came to wonder: why can't I just buy that now and end this wait? Planning is cool but sometimes you just need to act. So I bought it and this evening hasn't been much short of mesmerising. I mean, look at this thing buzzing around. Especially the little print on the 1×3 beam, kind of, made me realize that I had long ago plummeted into dark ages (despite vowing once that this would never happen to men) and I need a hobby.

Along the way I've learned a lot about myself. Specifically, that I may not have been at my best possible behavior during my earlier days. So I apologize for any grief I may have caused during my more active years. I also think that I left a few outstanding hold votes during my plummet into real life. Confused

I haven't made a part for years now, thinking that once I clean up ldforge and get it upright I can make more bionicle staves. But what's the point, since that's clearly never going to get done? So likewise I need to take the easy way instead of sticking relentlessly to a doomed plan. I guess I'll set up ldpartauthor and maybe a hg repository for future work. So, what now? I'm not sure whether I'll be making more bionicle parts since that set line's been discontinued and the story has been told long ago (too bad that the story left a lot of loose ends). But I'm sure I'll find something. Maybe clean up my submissions in the PT.

And build some remote-controllable heavy machinery... I'll need more IR parts for that, though. And just a week ago or so I built a whole suspension arm for the first time. So that's what you really use the springs for.
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