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(2017-11-30, 10:57)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Sorry for the late answer... and welcome aboard!
Quote:Is there something that describes going from a set of multiview images to 3d model in the Ldraw tool environment?
Unfortunately there is little or no descrition of LDraw parts creation, it's mostly "oral tradition"! Of course we are here to answer your questions...
The tools of choice to create LDraw parts are LDPartEditor and (to create patterns) LDPatternCreator, both programs written by Nils Schmidt.
As for "multiview images to LDraw", do you mean creation of a 3D model using a photogrammetry tool then conversion into a LDraw parts? If so, the conversion is the easy part, first get your 3D model into STL ASCII file format (most 3D programs support this format) then use stl2dat conversion program. But the photogrammetry part is tougher, I was not able to get usable results so far...

Here is the incomplete model so far. I am now running into missing parts. 60616 Glass Door For Frame 1X4X6

10314 Brick 1X4X1 1/3. These should exist. I just do not know how to find them.
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