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(2017-11-11, 21:16)salil pradhan Wrote: Hello, friends. I'm new to the group, so lease redirect me to threads if my questions.have already been answered.

1. I purchased a large. Model design from a designer, ad received the LDD files. The problem is the model is o large. LDD takes forever /can't create a building guide. I exported the file  as an LDRAW file, but now it comes up in LDRAW as a one step build
Any suggestions?
Creating steps is something best done manually, and it is not really easy. LDD does attempt to make it automatically when you create a building guide, but as you experienced this can be extremely time consuming for large builds.

If your model has a traditional stacked bricks style, you can try to open the LDraw file with LDCad, then add steps by layers (scripts -> steps -> auto layered base steps). If there is not too much SNOT constructions this will hopefully make the model buildable. For Technic models or for models with lot of snot this will not help much, but at least you'll be able to peek at what's going on inside model.
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