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(2019-01-07, 18:36)Roland Melkert Wrote: The auto animation features of SR3DBuilder are extremely cool indeed. I hope to get it working in LDCad 2 to some degree, at some point, through scripted plugins.

Yes, this is/was really handy feature. For example for a check of the model: only properly placed (and "connected") parts work(ed) in such animation.

For model building, it wasn't important so much because (IIRC) it didn't work together with snapping so the extra function "connection solver" was more useful.

For LDCAD, I believe the list of depending features would be:

1. GUI for snap point(s) selection, usable in different situations (as rotation centers, as input data for a script, an interactive hose creation - using other parts snap points as its path points, a brick placement/move (so this workaround will not be needed, or the 40tooth gear placement stops being a pain...) etc.)
2. rotation snap - as shown in my video
3. GUI for two independent selections - at least for connection solver, to be able to select each part/submodel and their rotation centers
4. connection solver itself (should be a relatively easy script using features above)
5. "solid connection simulation" - automatic selection of a submodel "solidly" connected with the selected part (i.e. a hinge or a brick with a hole, around the axle)
6. "snap/connection types" (two gears teeth, different hinge types etc.) and the mechanical properties of each (rotation possible yes/no etc.)

It's a question if I'm correct, of course. But if yes, I say that 1-4 would be such great improvement of LDCAD in my eyes that I'm happy with postponing 5-6 to the version 2.5 Smile
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