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(2019-01-07, 0:09)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2019-01-06, 19:08)Sorin Mihai Dobrescu Wrote: - sometimes snapping is hard, especially when needing angles (for instance 9398 chassy around the battery). I still can't find the right way, rotating after calcualting the angles is not real snapping.
You can rotate the parts while dragging to get them closer to the needed angle using the arrow pgup/down keys. Hold down ctrl to use 45 deg stepping.
That said snapping is far from perfect I'm hoping to make some improvements in 2.0 though.
Yes, attaching a big submodel can be tricky. Two tips that can help:
- Often when the submodel needs to be placed at an angle, there is already a part with the right orientation in the model. Select that part (if needed go to nested mode before) and press "o" to make that part orientation define the new relative grid axis. After that, when you add the submodel, it will be easier to orient it correctly.
- To avoid false snapping, select a key part in the model to wich the submodel must snap, then select-> invert then hide all. This way, only that part will trigger snapping.
(Yesterday, 22:08)Sorin Mihai Dobrescu Wrote: Wrote:- I'd like more palette views, I use more than 6 categories for technic.
This is currently hardcoded but it will highly likely be variable in 2.0. The initial though about 6 was the fact most humans can remember about 6 or 7 things items in short term memory, or so have I been told [Image: smile.png]
You can also use more than one parts bin (view -> new parts bin window)

Quote:I also need to be careful to avoid paticular printed parts (like technic beam 3 with "40 1977 - 2017" text etc.). These should be somewhere else or be possible to filter them out.
I'd also like to have a "hide/show patterned" checkbox in part bin, possibly in each category.
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