My first (non-patterned) parts!

RE: My first (non-patterned) parts!
(2017-08-29, 1:10)Mikkel Bech Jensen Wrote: Please disregard my earlier comment. I think I have fixed the problem with internal surfaces on '30585b'. Though I remained the top surfaces under the studs. I assume it's ok in this case? Besides that I have removed and replaced most of the primitives and rearranged the surrounding quads and triangles. Now there is a significant reduction in overall polygons (obviously). I don't even know why chose to have that many primitives in the first place  Tongue

Also I completely missed some duplicated quads. Mostly because LDPE didn't warn me about them. I was told about a reviewer on the parts tracker and I don't how that was spottet in the first place? Is there that can spot that better than LDPE. I don't LDDP found them either. However I don't remember excactly and I can't double check that anymore.

They are of course removed now.
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