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RE: Milestone 0.8.35 / Total backlog is small
I was going to ask for this one https://github.com/nilsschmidt1337/ldpar...issues/345 but I see that things are moving there Wink
This one is loosely related too https://github.com/nilsschmidt1337/ldpar...issues/538...

Otherwise, I have an other wish...
As a user, I'd like to have a local mesh convexity optimizer. Pretty often in scanned or LDD meshes, we have a portion of mesh which is convex overall, but a few triangle pairs are in concave configuration. We generally optimize such configurations using the flip tool, but it's a tedious process. Some automatic optimization would be great in this case! Of course there is no simple solution if the mesh is twisted or saddle-shaped.

Attached an example (from LDD) where I manually optimized one side (light blue area). Here the curvature defect is very shallow and barely worth the trouble, but often it's more valuable!

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