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RE: A.I. Assistant for Pattern Design?
(2017-06-28, 18:28)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Rolf Osterthun also had an interesting bitmap to ldraw converter that was kind of usable, but he evaluated that the tool was not good enough for general release.

yes, but sadly it is almost in the same state...


The idea was that you can choose the colores with a right mouse click - then a color quantisation will be done.
You can improve the result a little bit by drawing pixels or recolor areas.
Then an edgedetection algorithm (derived from potrace; but for multicolor) will search for the edges.
Again a little bit of postproduction can (must) be done (put points on circle, put points on line, delete points, etc).
At the end the edges will be send to the tool triangle - the output of triangle will be converted into an ldraw compatible file again.

Depending on the source images the results can be very differently... From my point of view the biggest challanges are color gradients.

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