Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray

RE: Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray
I really appreciate you fixing up that small wing. I downloaded all 4 of the files from the link you sent me and placed them in Documents/LDraw/parts (win7).
This place makes sense, but exact location depends on your installation. But since you see things in LDCad, it's probably OK.

Quote:Using the search (insect) I pulled up one wing and 3 on/off parts (I use LDcad) one hinge, one center plate for the wing and one outer plate.
Mmh.... You should not "see" the separated hinge and plates. This means that you put the subparts (those whose file names end up as ...s0x.dat) in the wrong folder. They should go in the subpart folder (Documents/LDraw/parts\s). This also answer your (3) question: you should not be able to access them Wink

Quote:2. why don't I see two small wings, the original and the one you made. I was never asked to overwrite a file so they both should be there.
Since it seems you placed the subpart in the wrong folder, the wing should appear almost "empty", with only edge and studs. You probably failed to overwrite the old version, and it's thei one that you get (the old version can be distinguished as it had an edge line separating center and outer regions, new version doesn't have this line).
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