Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray

RE: Part and decals request: Insectoids, UFO, Stingray
(2017-04-13, 9:30)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Thanks for your kind words Wink

Cleaned up this part:
(subparted grainy and shiny areas, subparted arm hinge for reuse in large wing, removed fake separating line)

Quote:seems to be missing the ridging detail along the transparent plastic:
Clearly yes. Now, without a real part in hand, difficult to improve...

I really appreciate you fixing up that small wing. I downloaded all 4 of the files from the link you sent me and placed them in Documents/LDraw/parts (win7). Using the search (insect) I pulled up one wing and 3 on/off parts (I use LDcad) one hinge, one center plate for the wing and one outer plate. My questions are:

1. did I put the parts in the right folder, I'm pretty sure I did but best to be safe.

2. why don't I see two small wings, the original and the one you made. I was never asked to overwrite a file so they both should be there.

3. the on/off parts are for part authors so they can add the printed details right? or am I supposed to be able to make use of those?

I seen several of these (stinger) for sale on Ebay for 12 bucks, probably not now but when I have a little more money I might just pick one up and send it to you.

Again, I really appreciate the help.
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