LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a (win+linux)

RE: Last bug call LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a
(2017-05-04, 21:38)Roland Melkert Wrote: Only in the pbg files of the filter type. Global filters are something I'm thinking about for 2.0
Sorry. I don't speak code. What's a pbg file? And what's a Global filter?

(2017-05-04, 21:38)Roland Melkert Wrote: The default sorted branch of the part bin is split in non pattern/patten subgroups.
This seems to be true only on the 'Basic brick' and 'Tile' bins. Every other bin contains both regular parts and all the printed versions.
(btw. Why do you call all the printed bricks "Basic bricks with stickers etc"?) IMO it would be better to use the word "... with patterns etc")

(2017-05-04, 21:38)Roland Melkert Wrote: Bin sorting is currently using natural sorting only (e.g. 5, 23, 30 instead of literal strings 23, 30, 5)
Sorry again. I don't understand.

(2017-05-04, 21:38)Roland Melkert Wrote: Delete the mian.cfg file to reset all settings, or delete sections in that file to reset subgroups.
Why should I have to edit a strange file, not made for human reading, to get back to a default state?

(2017-05-04, 21:38)Roland Melkert Wrote: The option you describe is probably prefs/LDraw/selection indication
Yes, and No. I had neither 'Edges' nor 'Bounding box' visible. But now I see them again.

I've said it before. I'm only a "lorry mechanic" with an interest in part editing. Not a software programmer. Big Grin
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