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RE: Last bug call LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a
(2017-05-04, 21:15)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Is it possible to have some sort of excluding filter function added?
Only in the pbg files of the filter type. Global filters are something I'm thinking about for 2.0

(2017-05-04, 21:15)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: As a user I often want to exclude all the patterned parts in a category. I want to quickly find the shape of the brick, and then (maybe) pick the pattern.
I think this is a question in that general direction.
The default sorted branch of the part bin is split in non pattern/patten subgroups.

(2017-05-04, 21:15)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: As a user I want to have the stickers sorted in partnumber order instead of alphbetical order.
Bin sorting is currently using natural sorting only (e.g. 5, 23, 30 instead of literal strings 23, 30, 5)

(2017-05-04, 21:15)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Is there a way to reset all the editing options? I often get lost in all the submenues changing things I don't understand.
e.g. I seem to have lost the pink border around the active brick, and I don't know how to get them back.
Delete the mian.cfg file to reset all settings, or delete sections in that file to reset subgroups.

The option you describe is probably prefs/LDraw/selection indication
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