LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a (win+linux)
(2017-03-16, 16:19)Milan Vančura Wrote: The window for setting hotkeys shows no function/hotkey to configure, regardless the category I choose.
Seems to be Linux only as it works for me on win7, I'll look into it.

(2017-03-16, 16:19)Milan Vančura Wrote: I also wanted to test the animation. My laptop seems too slow for this even I do not understand how it can be _so_ slow: maximum FPS is 1 only. I expected much more with this, relatively modern, laptop (Tinkpad X250). Couldn't be there any special setting I missed?
The timing stuff is open for improvement, it currently uses a thread on Linux for the timing but I'm having problems applying reliable resolution. I'm open to suggestions, If you're interested this is how it currently works:

void TAnimationTimerThread::operator()() {

   TStopWatch time;

   int prevFrameNr=-1;
   bool go=true;

   while (go)
     try {
       //slapen, zorgt ook voor de mogelijkheid om de thread te stoppen dmv interrupt.
     catch (...) {

     if (go)
       const int frameNr=(int)((time.curTimeInMs()*fps)/1000.0);
       if (frameNr!=prevFrameNr)

The "TAnimationTimer_callbackCore" function's only job is to post a thread save event message which will trigger a re-render in the next message processing loop. Main problem is the 1ms sleep is not guaranteed and secondly the message processing can be delayed.

On Windows it uses the media timer (timeSetEvent) to do the callback which does guarantee 1ms resolution but I haven't been able to find something similar for Linux.

(2017-03-16, 16:19)Milan Vančura Wrote: Anyway, the animation of 8860 is impressive, I must say! (I exported it and watched as a video out of LDCad). I must look into that script, how it is done.
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