LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a (win+linux)

LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a (win+linux)
I've release Beta 2a of LDCad 1.6

It mainly fixes a potential crash related to the header dialog combined with generated parts.

To make it worth the download I've also applied some spelling fixes, (very) minor tweaks and added some new part snapping info.

And I added the 8860 example including its animation as shown here:

Do note playback at 25fps might be to slow on some older (laptop) machines .

As of this version I've taken all the older versions except the latest major ones offline, as stupid robots (I assume they are robots) keep downloading every single file on the site now and then.

If anyone really need an older non final version let me know and I put it backup of a couple of days.

Grab the new version while it's still hot from the oven Smile
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