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(2017-03-11, 20:02)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2017-03-11, 8:53)Kathleen Kampf Wrote: When LPUB talks about converting "assembled callouts", how do you make them in the first place in MLCAD? Could someone please explain this and how it relates to submodels. I have seen the code for this and seen how to convert it in LPUB. My questiion is how did that "dat" code become an "ldr" code in MLCAD?

Not sure what you mean but...

There is no real difference between .dat and .ldr it is just a naming scheme where .dat is a part and .ldr is usually a model.

if something suddenly became a ldr it has probably been wrapped meaning they started a new submodel and put only that one (or more) .dat part reference(s) in it.

This is usually done to force something to be a single part when it exists out of multiple subparts (e..g a shock assembly).

Please explain how a new submodel is started.
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