LDCad - find step number of a brick

RE: LDCad - find step number of a brick
(2017-01-28, 22:48)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2017-01-27, 17:10)Juergen Wrote: Otherwise it would be great to have this Information in the property window of this brick and if the brick is in the wrong step the number might be editable so I could correct this directly.

You can also move the selection to a different step using the stepping/move to menu, keep it pinned open if you need to move lots of stuff.

Ok that's right.
But sometimes I need the "step info" in the case to modify something in the "middle" of a large model. I can see the brick which I want to change. Now I can only guess the appropriate step, go to this step and see it's not the right one and have to use the arrows to maneuver to right step.
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