Mirroring models?

RE: Mirroring models?
(2016-11-02, 5:39)Michael Horvath Wrote: Is there a tool I can use to mirror a model across an axis? I couldn't find such a command in MLCad.
LDCad 1.6 has a mirroring feature, if mirrors around the current (relative) grid's x, y or z axis. It's not perfect for all parts though for the very same reason Kevin wrote.

(2016-12-05, 12:00)Kevin Wrote: Your question intrigued me, so I started playing around in Python to try to create a mirror of one of my recent 1300-part mpd files.  This turns out not to be a trivial exercise. 
I discovered this same problem while working on LDCad 1.6 basically it means any part needs to be symmetrical along at least one of its axis (the x axis seems to be just that for most parts though). If not a custom additional (pre) rotation is probably needed. And then there are parts like the left/right wings etc.

I solved this by adding shadow info to some parts (just like with snapping data). But I haven't had the time to add that for all non symmetric parts.
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