10252 Volkswagen Beetle [Creator]

RE: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle [Creator]
(2016-09-30, 0:54)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-09-27, 23:34)Roland Dahl Wrote: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle [Creator]



are missing for me though.

tip: You might want to consider using submodels for things like the bonnet  in the future, it makes posing for HQ rendering alot easier.

Both parts are now correctly imported as unofficial parts into the mpd-file. By mistake I saved these parts not to unofficial parts folder, but to the official parts folder. Seems I have to improve my unofficial parts management system.

I now understand your point regarding the submodels. For the bonnet, the doors and other components I already generated complete groups (not submodels). Here you see for example the upper bonnet group:

[Image: VW_grouped.jpg]

and this is the relevant mpd-file.

BUT: After processing this file with mpd-center for making it OMR compliant, it seems that all groups have vanished somehow!? Here is the same mpd-file after making it OMR-compliant.

Any idea what went wrong?

BTW: The reason that I used groups instead of submodels is that my target was to built the model according to the instructions and the relevant instrcution steps. So for the upper bonnet I grouped main step 170 to 177. The lower bonnet is a submodel within main step 178.
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