Multiple LGEO parts libraries

RE: Multiple LGEO parts libraries
(2016-09-05, 20:29)Damien Roux Wrote:
(2016-09-05, 11:17)Michael Horvath Wrote: Is copying the files all I need to do?

Do you use a tool to update LDView's "LGEO.xml"?

You need to copy the files in a folder, declare the folder in povray and generate the pov file with ldview, using a proper lgeo.xml.

Yes I have a tool, but it is specific to my system, I can't share it.
But the ldraw.xml I provide should do the job.

I've noticed some broken stuff in your collection:

1. Your LGEO.xml lists "" but the file does not exist.
2. Ditto "".
3. Your "" file is heavily outdated and discard's Owen's changes. For instance:
4. The variable LG_INNER_CORNER_SPACE is called in several files, but is undefined.
5. The object "lg_tech_knob_join" is undefined.
6. Ditto "lg_tech_knob_join_clear".
7. I stopped checking at this point. Instead, I uninstalled your LGEO parts because I don't have the time to bug test your stuff.
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