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(2016-08-10, 18:05)Roland Melkert Wrote: I was wondering about something similar....

Is it possible to set the amount of parts the substitute should show. This would be needed when using a LDCad generated chain or thread.

Someone asked about this and it made me wonder as I can't find info about this myself (besizes the basic pli add sub meta).

This is a great question. 

Parts like chains should reflect the number of occurrences based on the standard part representation. For example, if the standard chain part has a length of 20 links, then the PLI should display a representation as such. If, for example, a model consumes 5 chain parts (i.e 100 links), then it should be modelled in such a way as to indicate 5 occurrences of the chain part were used. If there are different parts representing different lengths (e.g. 20 links, 50 links ...), then the use of each should follow as previously described. The same as above holds for the use of thread with the exception of the PLI representation depicting the actual length of the part. 

If you look at the BOM for LEGO Technic 42042, you can see a good example of how thread is represented. With LPub3D, when a model is configured as described above, the LPub3D results will be just as those in 42042.

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