LPub3D Unofficial parts in PLI

RE: LPub3D Unofficial parts in PLI
(2016-08-05, 9:38)Jetro de Château Wrote:
(2016-08-05, 9:31)Trevor Sandy Wrote:
Quote:I'm attaching an example file that includes some unofficial parts that don't generate a PLI and on the last page a template converted to subfile that does display the very same motor that is not displayed earlier.
Ok - I'll take a look. Can you send a zipped copy of your unofficial library (with those WeDo parts you mentioned)  by email ? My address is in the About dialog at Feedback:



All - seems ok on my system Win10/LPub3D 2.0.8 x64. Here's a video.

And the instructions...

.pdf   test.pdf (Size: 757.68 KB / Downloads: 7)

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