LPub3D Unofficial parts in PLI

RE: LPub3D Unofficial parts in PLI
(2016-08-05, 8:45)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
Quote:For now I guess I'll just dump the unofficial parts in the official parts folder to circumvent the issue...
Isn't it the same old problem with LPub3D that looks for parts in unofficial zip (for BOM and PLI only) instead of library? I understand the rationale for this behaviour but it remains a pain to maintain coherency between library and zip files. (note: that might not be relevant with latest LPub3D versions, not tested for some time)

I am using the latest version: LPub3D 2.0.7 Revision 770 Build 4


Damn! Now I see an update was released only a couple of hours ago. I don't expect any changes though, based on the changelog. Downloading...

I suppose I'd have to manually add the missing files to the .zip file then...(?)
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