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RE: [LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements
(2017-04-06, 6:30)RickyKckao Wrote: Hi Jarema,

I cannot run v3.1.222 under Win10. A box popped out: "Failed to execute script Lic".

Btw, is it possible to close 3D lighting now? It really bothers me that a "white" brick shows "gray" color on its sides. I have tried to change ambient value of 3D model lighting to 100, but top side of the brick became to bright that I cannot distinguish colors between white and light gray, or between light gray and dark gray. So I think if it is possible to close 3D lighting, it would be better!

Thank you,

Personally I dislike every version of operating system Windows - that come after - 7. And I do not have access to machine with this OS.
So, sorry for the lack of support for this system.
For changing lighting what result you got when set Ambient & Line Width to 0 /zero/.
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