Save as does not save in LDCad 1.5?

RE: Save as does not save in LDCad 1.5?
(2016-05-31, 11:59)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: @ Philo: I just noticed too that it is not the case with all models. Some work, some don't.
@ Merlijn: I am full admin on all my machines and can write any file in any folder on C: drive. On my laptop home I have a D: drive partitioned as Data drive and files don't save there too.
@ Roland: good luck solving this problem :-)
@ Me: verify if the file saved. I lost some work due this "bug"... :-)

Unless you have totally disabled UAC, or you're running Windows XP or earlier, then LDCad doesn't in fact have write access to write files to all folders on your C: drive, whether you're an admin or not. As a side note, I would personally advise against totally disabling UAC, but if you want to treat Windows like it is XP, you need to do that (and live with the much higher likelihood of having your computer infected).

If it is indeed a permissions problem, then LDCad could solve it by detecting the failure and showing an error dialog when it occurs.
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