Save as does not save in LDCad 1.5?

RE: Save as does not save in LDCad 1.5?
(2016-05-31, 11:59)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: @ Philo: I just noticed too that it is not the case with all models. Some work, some don't.
@ Merlijn: I am full admin on all my machines and can write any file in any folder on C: drive. On my laptop home I have a D: drive partitioned as Data drive and files don't save there too.
@ Roland: good luck solving this problem :-)
@ Me: verify if the file saved. I lost some work due this "bug"... :-)

Unfortunately I could save both Philo's models and his zipped logfile doesn't mention a save operation (wrong log file?)

So I went into the source to see if something can go wrong after the filename dialog stage, the only thing I found is a check on changes. Which means it won't save if there are no changes since the last save even for save as so it seems.

But you report lost work so it can't be that alone :Sad
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