Chain/track animation in LDCad

RE: Chain/track animation in LDCad
(2016-05-17, 13:04)Gret Rumpel Wrote: Hi all,
I am wondering is it possible to animate chain/track in LDCad?
If yes, any help is highly appreciated.
I searched the forums and found nothing on that particular subject.

Yes but you will need to write a lua script for it. Its job would be to calculate the location and orientation of each chain link on a per frame basis.

The good news is you can probably do this for movement along just one link and then repeat that over and over an optical illusion would make it look like the links go all the way around.

My older LD4DStudio program has an example project animating a chain using scripts but that's not lua and a very simplified one.

In short it is a challenge but it should be a fun thing to figure out Smile
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