[LDPartEditor] 0.8.6 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.6 Beta Released
Thanks for the update! I like "modern UI" layout a lot! Zoom on primitives is highly appreciated too. Also it seems that my shortcut issue is solved. This one is strange, at startup of the new version the "S" for Select and "R" for rotate didn't work, but I redefined them again and now everything works.
Now the wishes/suggestions...
- could it be possible to somehow cache primitives to make startup (much) faster?
- The coarse/medium/fine grid buttons don't stay pushed, so you need to pay attention to grid value to know what you are doing. Maybe too they should be placed on a toolbar, they get hidden if you are on another tab (eg. selection one)
- I miss the possibility to add shortcuts to manipulator operations, mainly move to origin and orientate to the world - Actually I'd like a shortcuut that does both in one operation!
- I'd like double click on a number in text window to select the whole number (minus sign+integer+decimal separator+decimal digits)
- If I draw a marquee to select several elements, primitives gets selected if they are touched by the marquee, while other elements get selected only if completely covered by the marquee. I'd prefer a consistent behaviour for all elements, and if possible a switch between both modes ("touching" or "covered")
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