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Thank you for all feedback, i known that brickView is very imperfect, i will try to improve it in the future.

For transparency i known that actually it's do not work correctly and i will try to correct it. Actually, transparent part are draw at end, but not correctly sorted.
I have found a bug not reported here, on iPhone only, if you display the models list and back to main view without selecting a model, step buttons become inactive.
For part not found in mpd, Orion can you send me the file that show this error, or a link to it (my mail : brickview at gling-glo dot com). On development version i have log and can see what append for missing part.
I'm not very happy with alert for missing part, in next release i will replace this alert by displaying an icon, and clic on icon will display the list of part not found.
For file management i will add support to save file (for models opened from another app) and delete or rename for files in application documents folder.
On my current dev version, i have added support for BFC, but i am a little disappointed since drawing performance with BFC is not very improved. I have added also some code for correct matrix with row or column at 0, and check for identical vertex in quad and triangle, but i think that is not really the job of viewer, in next release i will to put part library in binary format, and correct error during conversion (but i will keep correction code in brickView for part and primitive from outside the embedded part library).
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