LDraw App for iOS

very nice, and one thought
since I'm on the Android side of the world, I cannot checkout your app,
but it looks very, very nice!

The problem with the Apps like Apple and Google intend to push them into the market is, IMHO,
that they break the universal structure of the internet.
Instead of using HTML5 to simply design a webpage, companies like newspapers seem to instead prefer
to have programmers write specific apps for iOS and Android (and, maybe tomorrow, another App technology X
and another App technology Y and another App technology Z).
So I see the universality of the internet drown and drown by these developments.
That's the reason why I would prefer a more OS-independent approach over an OS-specific one:
I would prefer to have some webpage, embed some (admittedly, ugly) JavaScript into it,
and use WebGL to paint the 3D object. Doing it this way could be seen by any browser supporting
these technologies, and the browser would take care of doing this as quickly as possible on its given hardware,
not the content supplier.

Just wanted to share this thought, it is mainly an extended version of this:
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