OMR specification and unofficial files

Re: OMR specification and unofficial files
Well, I know it can remove parts inside an .mpd file dat have become official (I've done that a lot for the models I've added the new OMR website that came from the old omr .zip file).

But what I'm looking for (when parts update 2016-01 arrives) is a way to bulk proces a lot of .mpd files. So, I just download the complete omr collection and run it through some software (e.g. MPDCenter) which then scans through the models to remove included parts that now have an official version. and creates a list of the changed files (so I can upload them again).

As of now, I can't really find a way to bulk open and process a lot of .mpd files (which are located in a tree of folders). Aside from that, I wonder if it's even 'possible' to scan through hundreds of files in 1 operation Wink
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